Handladesatz  HLS.a1   Charger for all 2,4v Wehrmacht batteries.

Handladesatz  Handgenerator for charge 2,4v radio battery.It giving 4 volt and 4Amp (16w with 82 rpm) through charging.It was produced by OSTMARKWERK. in Prag.When demounting the end cover of the generator,it open up the brushes and the regulator unit.When turning the generator the regulator (like a old car relay regulator) it shut in and out a 10ohm resistor in the field coil,as regulating the current to the battery.Today,this generator work fine with a power diode between the field coil and + battery.Reely it do not need a regulator, as the person turning the generator have controll with the charging.To charge a empty battery take a lot of time,so, over charging make no problem.


  On the generator,  seen from this side ,the connections to the regulator.are + from left, field middle and negative to right.The other end of the field connected to negative.When turning the generator,it turn very light until it brakes the rotations,and heavy resistance is obtained.No it is charging.On the same time you will observe the white lines in the controll window covering the open slices in the metal cover.The front panel with the instrument and push buttom,let you control the battery,when you push the buttom and short the battery with a wire resistor.(about 2,5Amp)








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