LA4JH`s    Collections of Oldies domestic Radios.


 LA4JH Ham station                                 National  NC 2-40D                                             Drake receiver                                  Unknown receiver ca 1930


"Kurer" ca 1950 Norway          Norwegian tlf ca 1930            Tandberg ca 1950-60                   Telefunken                      Philips ca 1960              Swedish mil-receiver

"NRK" 1930  Norway                Emerson USA 1950             Telefunken 790T  1955 Scale on top vip downable.                                  Player 1955?

AKAI tape recorder 1970          Radionette consol 1960            Philips 1960                   Telefunken 1955-65       Radionette 1965

Radionette 1950-60                Radionette ca 1965-70          This radio "VEF" super made in Riga ca 1930/40


The service "center" for amateur and other radio works.






Home project
receiver 500-
1600 Khz
with Russian
pencil tube
Simrad AM







Pictures from 7-8-05.Working with taking down the amateur iron tower for the antennas on "Heimåsen" LA4JH´s summer lodge in Aurdal,valdres.


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Collection from Jan I Enger   LA4JH. All radios renovated and fully working.