LA4JH in Wasserburg 2005


It is a loooong way between peoples


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Gardermoen Airport
  Vikki                             "Maura and Nannestad County                                                                                                                       "Skogbygda"
My home in Nannestad,50km north of Oslo.Gardermoen
Portabel "Ham"La7SNA
Inside the  lodge
Ice kubes to the drinks
Park-place for the car
He take care of  us.
Clear for landing.Call freq 118.700Mhz
Old bar`n leave this world
Home of my son and family
Barbecue operator
...on "Melkerud" farm
Old Panzer training field Trandum
WWII memorial on Trandum
My son Bjørn on "Melkerud"
The sea  down the cottage
Karin, the owner of Vikki
Local river in "Nannestad"
  Andrea dancingschool
  From my cottage
   My lodge in "Vassfaret"
             17mai, the national day is over.....                   
  Vikki (Victoria) 7 year Border-Collie
Snow on the tops."Norefjell"