Radios in the field


Russian R-104M
Radio R-105M-UM2/3
Radio R-105/108D
Radio R-107
Photo Gallery
Radios in the field
Transm 100 W.s
"Dorette "

       MG 34 Gun


   Hear the sound?





Field day 10-05-08 with radio and wehicles

On the German bike it was a feldfu b mounted inside the passenger place.

Military activity Nov 2008



Activity on "Trandum" 2005 with vehicles and radios together.
Gaz radiocar
R-105d- DDR
Inside Gaz car


My car with HF rig
Pictures from Bjørn Are Ilstad
Feld Fu.b in traffic WWII


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Ra-105 on Trandum-forrest
A breath in the field with the dogs